Raft Trips

Find your next rafting trip with Wild River Adventures. We have many reasons why you should choose us. Not only do we emphasize quality over quantity but we have experienced, professional guides. We’ve been running amazing trips now for over two decades and our risk management program has been recognized as one of the best in the industry.

The Middle and North Fork of the Flathead River are two of Montana’s wildest rivers which are a part of our adventure trips. These rivers form the southern and western boundaries of Glacier National Park. They are protected as Wild and Scenic rivers, insuring that they will remain free flowing and untamed. These glacial fed waters rank as some of the cleanest rivers in the world.

We have several different trips to choose from. You can book a Whitewater Raft Trip, choosing from a half day whitewater, full day whitewater (lunch on the river), evening dinner whitewater, sport raft wild side, half day inflatable kayak, full day inflatable kayak, two day raft or a custom multi day raft trip (whitewater or scenic, Middle Fork or North Fork). We also have Scenic Raft Trips where you can book a half day scenic, full day scenic (lunch on the river) or evening dinner scenic trip. Another popular trip is what we call the Camp & Float Trip or create a Custom Trip like no other. We also have Fishing Trips and Horseback Trips too.

On these adventure trips, we often see Deer, Mountain Goats, Osprey, and Eagles. There are times we hear howling wolves. The river rapids on the Middle Fork were featured in the hit movie a River Wild. These rivers offer something for the entire family. In order to help you pick the ideal trip, we have divided our river raft tours into three categories:
River Adventure Key:

smallpadchart Slow ‘N Easy
No experience necessary. Class I rapids, calm water with a few small waves. Great for families with young children, photographers, wildlife watchers, and fishing.
Family Friendly
No experience necessary. Great for first timers and family groups. Primarily Class II-III+ rapids, fun, exciting waves separated by calm sections.
Wet ‘N Wild
Guaranteed to get you wet! Geared for those with previous rafting experience or those who want to go for the gusto. Class II-IV rapids often run in small rafts or inflatable kayaks.

We offer many different Family Friendly trips: Half Day, Full Day, Dinner Trips, Two Day Trips and Custom Multi Day Trips. More Details »